Декабрь 2015 — CKF

30 декабря 2015

Новые дилеры CKF, декабрь 2015


www.Rezat.RU - крупнейший российский ножевой магазин. Доставка по Москве и в регионы. Все формы оплаты

www.blademan.ru - ножевой магазин с почтовой и курьерской доставкой по России

www.yourknife.ru - сеть розничных магазинов и интернет-магазин, работающий с доставкой по всей стране и даже с доставкой за границу

www.nojinsk.ru - дислоцированный в Новосибирске ножевой магазин с отличной репутацией

www.brutalica.ru - интернет-магазин ножей Алексея Пономарева

www.bestblades.ru - московский ножевой мультибрендовый магазин владельцев бренда CKF

www.nozh72.ru - Ножи и EDC в Тюмени


http://www2.knifecenter.com - Since 1995 the Knifecenter has been striving to deliver the best service, value and the largest selection of cutlery products to their customers around the world.

http://www.gpknives.com/ - With over 20 years of experience in the knife industry GPKNIVES company has learned that there are a few important factors that go into keeping their customers happy. They believe having a good selection of products, coupled with competitive pricing and customer service are the key ingredients to their success.

http://www.bladehq.com - Blade HQ is a full time Internet cutlery business with a brick and mortar store. "HQ" stands for "headquarters" but over time was simply shortened to "HQ." Blade HQ has become one of the online destinations for cutlery and gear. They specialize in high-end LEO, military and collectible folding knives (folding, fixed, custom, assisted, automatic, butterfly- you name it!). Their goal is to have the most incredible selection of "in stock" knives available anywhere while providing outstanding customer service and pricing.


http://mygoodknife.com/ - This store offers knives of the very best manufacturers from Russia, Finland, Japan, Germany

http://lamnia.com/ - One of the most popular knife stores in Europe